Bat House with Two Exclusion Tubes, Triple Celled, 250 Bats


Stop bats from reentering your attic and offer them their own roosting spot with this BestNest Bat House with Two Exclusion Tubes, Triple Celled, 250 Bats package. This fantastic kit allows you to provide a lasting shelter for wonderful bats, while deterring them from using your home as a roosting spot. The BestNest Triple-Celled Bat House easily holds up to 250 bats, and has been meticulously designed for efficiency. The three chambers on the piece each measure 1" deep, and the deep grooves on each wooden panel create an excellent clinging surface for the bats. Place this hardy shelter on the side of your home, or affix its flat back to a tree, post, or pole with an adapter to invite bats to roost. The two included Bat Exclusion Tubes are also made to attach to your wall, soffit, or crevice with caulk or adhesive, creating a unique, one way valve. These 10" long, smooth PVC tubes each have a 12" long, clear plastic sleeve at the base. Bats can easily exit your home through these tubes, while the plastic sleeves collapse inward when the animals try to fly back inside, acting as safe and humane excluders. Once you are certain all bats have vacated your home, remove these tubes and permanently seal any openings they are using. The PVC body of these tubes withstands exposure to the elements all season, while the wooden bat house ensures strength and a natural hint. Provide bats a new home and ensure they exit yours with this Triple-Celled Bat House with Two Bat Exclusion Tubes package.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 BestNest Triple-Celled Bat House, 250 bats
Qty 2 BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes

Bat House Capacity: 250 bats
Bat House Dimensions: 13.5"W x 5.5"D x 23"H
Exclusion Tube Dimensions: 2" I.D. x 10"L PVC pipe
Bat House Mounting: mount to vertical surface
Exclusion Tube Mounting: attach to building
Bat House Construction: wood
Exclusion Tube Construction: PVC, plastic
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs