Bird Feeder Placement

Bird Feeder Placement

With all the options for placing a bird feeder, sometimes it is difficult to decide which is best for you. A great way to determine which feeder and mounting style is to survey your landscape, to find a spot that works best for you and the birds. It's best to put your feeder in a quiet, yet convenient area that has year-round easy access. When the weather is bad, you may be reluctant to refill the feeder. Remember that this is probably when the birds need you the most! 

One fantastic spot for feeders is near natural cover such as trees or shrubs. By providing nearby shelter, you offer a place where the birds can hide from predators while waiting for their turn to feed. Evergreens are particularly good because they provide excellent cover year-round. Although nearby shelter is good, don't put your feeder too close to a tree. Cats will try to use trees and other items as jump-off points to catch your birds, raptors often hide in branches and swoop down on prey, and squirrels use trees to try to reach a feeder and steal seed. For effective feeding, try to keep the feeder about 4 yards from any trees or obstacles. 

An additional consideration when placing the feeder is the "mess" factor. Expect feathers, seed shells, and droppings to accumulate around the feeder, and be sure to select a location where clean-up will not be an issue. 

If you have squirrels in your neighborhood, they will likely try to raid the feeder. These rodents especially love sunflower seeds and peanuts, and are difficult to deter. Investing in a squirrel proof bird feeder helps protect your seed, and adding a baffle above or beneath the feeder helps prevent them from reaching the seed. 

Be sure to clean your seed feeders at least once every two weeks to prevent spoilage and disease. If your seed gets wet, it can become moldy, which is unsafe for the birds and a perfect for diseases such as salmonella to grow. Additionally, be sure to clean a hummingbird feeder at least once a week, but preferably as often as you fill it. 

Placing your bird feeder is an important step in creating your bird garden, ensuring the area is hassle free for you and the birds. Use these tips to help find the perfect spot for your feeder. 

Happy bird feeding!