Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter for 20 bats


Give the bats in your backyard a place to roost by placing the Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter for 20 bats. With a single chamber large enough for 20 bats, this bat shelter is perfect for your small backyard colony. The interior surface and landing platform is made of rough cedar and is grooved to make it easy for bats to cling when roosting and landing. The single chamber measures 1 3/4" deep and the front panel features a 4.5" bat design burnt into it. This bat shelter weathers beautifully as it is made of red cedar and assembled with zinc-plated screws. The Cedar Bat Shelter also may be mounted using the included zinc-plated deck screws and pre-drilled holes or pole mounted using a pole and adapter (not included).

Bats that use this house:
  • big brown, cave, eastern pipistrelle, evening, little brown, Mexican free-tailed, northern long-eared, pallid, Pallas' mastiff, Rafinesque's big-eared, southeastern, and Yuma bat
Capacity: 20 bats
Dimensions: 12"W x 4.25"D x 16"H
Mounting: tree, building, or pole mounted
Construction: cedar
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs