Wooden Acorn Bird House

Esschert Design

Showcase your love of powerful oak trees by adding this Esschert Design Wooden Acorn Bird House to your yard. The familiar, faceted cap and extended body wonderfully mimic an acorn, enhanced by the tan, brown, and gray hues of this item. Its elongated body creates a comfortable shelter for small songbirds, and the pine construction forms a durable piece. The 1.25" diameter, front entry allows wrens, chickadees, and other small birds to enter the cavity, and its deep design helps protect them from predators. A drainage hole on the base allows any captured water to exit, and a resin cap completes the unit. This top unscrews and can be removed for seasonal cleaning, and a hanger on the back makes it easy to mount to a wall, tree, or post using a screw (not included). The pine and resin construction forms a weather resistant and lovely home, and its familiar shape celebrates oak trees easily. Offer small birds a wonderful, whimsical roost by adding this Wooden Acorn Bird House to your yard.

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 5.5" dia. x 9"H
Mounting: mount to flat, vertical surface
Construction: pine, resin
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs