Telephone Booth Bird Feeder

Home Bazaar

Display a taste of British culture in your yard or garden with this Home Bazaar Telephone Booth Bird Feeder. The rectangular box shape and bold red color of the feeder perfectly mimic the iconic telephone booth so prevalent in Britain, adding brilliance to any surrounding greenery. The telephone booth forms the seed reservoir and holds 0.5 quarts of seed, while a generous base platform provides plenty of perching and dining space. Seed from the reservoir easily exits through two gaps at its base for continual feeding, and transparent windows all around make for easily keeping a watchful eye on seed levels from a distance. The cap of the feeder lifts for simple cleaning and refilling the reservoir, and a hardy cable attached to it makes for straightforward hanging. The wooden construction and red color of the feeder offer durability and a bolder aesthetic to your outdoor space. Bring a familiar and nostalgic look to your bird garden with this Telephone Booth Bird Feeder.

Note: Climate and the elements will weather this feeder and change its appearance over time; however, weathering will add to the item's natural charm without compromising its function. Should you want to preserve the finish (paint) of this feeder, you should cover it with several layers of a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use (UV Rated). You should expect that once left outside, the item will weather and require refinishing.

Birds that use this feeder:
  • cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, sparrows, starlings, titmice, towhees, and woodpeckers
Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels, and sunflower seed
Capacity: 0.5 qts., 0.75 lbs.
Dimensions: 6"L x 6"W x 9"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: wood, plastic
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs