Recycled Plastic Hummingbird Nest, Brown and Gray

Green Meadow Houses and Feeders

Help hummingbirds find a safe and secure roosting spot by placing this Brown and Gray Recycled Plastic Hummingbird Nest in your yard. These amazing birds tend to place their nests directly on tree branches, and sometimes on chain or wire loops, and this hardy piece provides them a convenient and stable platform to do so. A front, extended platform sports a 1" diameter impression and two metal posts, creating a place for their cup-shaped nest. Fabric leaves extend from the front of the platform for perching, and the upright back panel makes it simple to attach the item to a post, wall, or tree. A pitched roof protects the nesting material behind a metal mesh screen on this upright, and the brown and gray hues mesh with the outdoors. Crafted by the Amish from durable, recycled plastic lumber and stainless steel hardware, this piece is sure to remain lovely for use over and over again. This material also helps decrease landfill waste, for an environmentally friendly garden addition. Watch hummingbird nesting behavior like never before with this Brown and Gray Recycled Plastic Hummingbird Nest. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 4.375"W x 4.5"D x 6"H without leaves
Mounting: wall or post mount
Construction: recycled plastic lumber
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs