Rapunzel Bird House

Home Bazaar

Enchant the avian visitors to your bird garden by placing this Home Bazaar Rapunzel Bird House in it. An extended, shingled roof, top finial, and half hexagonal body perfectly evoke a castle turret, while forming a charming shelter for a small songbird. The flat back and dual keyhole hangers make it simple to place this home against a wall, fence, or post, and the front half arches outward to create a cozy abode. A curved balcony and 1.25" diameter entry hole rest on the front panel, enabling birds to enter and providing them a preening spot, while scrolling adornments above the opening add style. Matching scrolls on each side panel further the elegant look, completed by the white paint. Tan and brown shingles atop the roof provide fantastic texture and protect the interior chamber from the elements, and a drainage hole on the base allows any captured water to exit the nest. A panel on the flat back removes for cleaning and nest checks, and a screen beneath the entry acts as a ladder for nestlings to exit when ready. The all wood construction and striking details are sure to capture attention, and the flat back makes mounting simple. Create a storybook look in your bird garden with this Rapunzel Bird House.

Note: Climate and the elements will weather this home and change its appearance over time; however, weathering will add to the item's natural charm without compromising its function. Should you want to preserve the finish (paint) of this house, you should cover it with several layers of a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use (UV Rated) that will not turn the white paint yellow. You should expect that once left outside, the item will weather and require refinishing.

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 9"W x 4.25"D x 15.75"H
Mounting: wall or post mount
Construction: wood
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs