Purple Martin Two-Piece Gourd with Crescent SREH - 8 Pack

Heath Mfg

Create a purple martin colony in your yard using the Heath Two-Piece Martin Gourd. This innovative gourd offers traditional housing to martins, combining it with modern materials and detailing with exciting results. A front and back half interlock, creating a gourd with a 7" diameter nesting area. This allows the birds to place the nestlings away from the entrance, protecting them from predators. A single screw on the neck of the gourd keeps the unit together, for secure housing. The crescent shaped starling resistant entrance hole allows martins passage, while preventing larger birds from entering the unit. If desired, the bottom of the entrance hole has perforations for making it into a standard 2.125" diameter round entrance. A canopy over the hole keeps water from entering the unit, and two slots on the base where the panels interlock allow any excess water to drain. The off white color lends a natural look to the piece, while keeping the nest cool during the warm summer days. A hole at the top of the gourd creates a place to mount this compartment on a rack (not included). Offer martins new housing in your yard with this Two-Piece Martin Gourd with Crescent Starling Resistant Entrance Hole. Assembly required. Made in the USA. 

Note: This package includes 8 Heath Two-Piece Martin Gourds with Crescent Starling Resistant Entrance Holes. 

Opening: 2.125"L x 1.375"H crescent, 2.125" dia. round
Dimensions: 8" dia. x 12.125"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic 
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs