Purple Martin Two-Piece Gourd with Crescent SREH - 16 Pack

Heath Mfg

Add timeless roosting sites to your martin colony with these Heath Purple Martin Two-Piece Gourd with Crescent SREH - 16 Pack. These birds have been recorded nesting in natural gourds for centuries, and this package continues that fantastic tradition. The 2 pieces of these molded, plastic gourds interlock, and an included screw at the top keeps them connected. This forms a 7" diameter nesting cavity, which the birds can access via the 2.125" long and 1.375" tall, crescent shaped opening. This design discourages starlings from using the nests, as they tend to prefer a round opening. A molded canopy above the entry keeps rain away from the cavity, and small gaps along the interlocking base provide drainage. The tall neck directs warm air upward, away from fledglings, and the ivory color remains cool through the hot summer months. Run a perching rod through the molded hole at the top of each unit, for easy placement on a gourd rack. If starlings are not present in your area, the bottom of each entry can be removed to form 2.125" diameter, round openings for a different look. This bundle of 16, molded plastic units creates classic housing options for several of these communal birds, and their straightforward design makes assembly simple. Increase the size of your martin colony by placing these Crescent Starling Resistant Entrance Hole Two-Piece Martin Gourds in your lawn. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This package contains 16 Heath Two-Piece Martin Gourds with Crescent Starling Resistant Entrance Holes.

Opening: 2.125"L x 1.375"H crescent, 2.125" dia. round
Dimensions: 8" dia. x 12.125"H each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs