Purple Martin Mansion with Verdigris Roof

A Wing and A Prayer

Invite martins to live in high style with the Wing and A Prayer Purple Martin Mansion with Verdigris Roof. This dramatic structure brings excitement and dazzling architecture to your bird garden, for seasons of enjoyment. The significant white home is crafted from PVC trimboard, designed to withstand the elements and resist mold, mildew, and delamination, for a virtually maintenance-free roost. Each of the ten apartments has an individual 2" diameter opening, surrounded by verdigris colored metal to deter predators. Individual balconies beneath the openings on the second and third floors offer male martins their own territory, discouraging porch dominance disputes. The base of the home has a full platform around it for additional perching area. A steeply pitched, PVC roof protects the home, while its light green color offers both grace and style. Ventilation gaps beneath the roof overhang help each nest stay cool, protecting the hatchlings, and each compartment measures approximately 5.5" long, 5.75" wide, and 5.75" tall. The roof can also be removed for seasonal cleaning, and each of the floors lifts out of the home for thorough nest checks. An attached collar at the base helps the structure mount to a true 4" x 4" post (not included), and attached brackets add more support. The white and verdigris color scheme offers an antique feel, and the PVC body will last for several seasons. Enjoy a lovely home and the soothing sounds of martins in your yard with this Purple Martin Mansion with Verdigris Roof. Made in the USA.

Openings: 2" dia.
Apartment Size: 5.5"L x 5.75"W x 5.75"H
Dimensions: 18"L x 18"W x 24.25"H
Mounting: post mount
Construction: PVC, metal
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs