Purple Martin Convertible House - 12 Rooms

Heath Mfg

Create versatile and dramatic housing for purple martins with the Heath Purple Martin Convertible House - 12 Rooms. This top-quality home is constructed of rust-free aluminum to dissipate heat, and its crisp white and soothing green exterior complements any lawn or garden. Each of the twelve trapezoid-shaped apartments measures 9" wide at the front, 3" wide at the back, 6" deep, and 6" tall to give individual martin families plenty of room. For versatility, remove the interior plug to create a double sized apartment, and insert a solid panel in the front wall to remove one of the doors. All the porches of the two story house feature drainage holes in front of the crescent shaped, starling resistant entrances and sturdy plastic perch rails for maximum comfort. The cupola conceals the ventilation hole, which helps regulate interior temperature. 

At the end of the season, once your martins migrate from the colony, seal the house and prevent aggressive squatter birds from taking over your colony. The house's levels are held in position with the set screw on the flange rather than being connected together, allowing you to easily clean out individual apartments on any level by snapping out the floor panels. Mount this house high atop the Heath Martin House Pole for proper height. Accommodate a growing martin colony in your yard with this Convertible Purple Martin House. Screwdriver and pliers required for assembly. Made in the USA. 

Openings: 2.75"W x 1.125"H
Apartment Size: 9"W at front, 3"W at back, 6"D, 6"H
Dimensions: 30"L x 26.5"W x 20"H
Mounting: mounts on pole with 1.25" outer diameter, extending up through house, no mounting plate required
Construction: aluminum and plastic 
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs