Pine Squirrel Cabin

Prime Retreat

Make squirrel watching part of your daily activities by offering them shelter in this handmade Pine Squirrel Cabin by Prime Retreat. Placing this simple, appropriately-sized nest box in your yard not only offers these acrobatic animals a safe haven from the elements; its deep design also aids in keeping their young safe. The generous, 18" tall back panel affixes to a wall or tree easily, and the roof angles downward for a classic silhouette. A 3.75" wide and 3.625" tall cut out sits on one side of the nesting box, encouraging squirrels to enter it, and an interior shelf here offers them a place to sit. Open the front panel upward to clean and maintain the spacious home, and twist the metal latch to ensure it remains closed and protected from predators. Angled corners on the base aid in keeping the drey dry, and the natural pine body adds a rustic hint to the yard. The predrilled holes on the top lip enable seamless placement against a flat, vertical surface, while the generous base easily accommodates a mounting bracket (not included) for installation atop a post. Its clean lines and traditional shape and dimensions make this box a perfect addition to your backyard retreat, and the yellow tone of the pine panels ages over time for a dynamic look. Invite squirrels to lodge in your yard in this Squirrel Cabin by Prime Retreat. Made in the USA.

Note: Your purchase directly supports Scenic Rivers Industries, a workshop that provides dignified employment for people with disabilities.

Dimensions: 11.25"W x 11.375"D x 18"H
Mounting: tree, wall, or post mount
Construction: pine
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs