Patriotic Wren House with Three Perches



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Provide native backyard birds a thematic and beautiful roosting spot with this Woodlink Patriotic Wren House with Three Perches. The traditional color scheme sports star and stripe accents, perfectly evoking a flag, while the wooden construction forms a hardy bird home. Three 1" diameter entry holes occupy the front of the abode, each with a 0.75" long perch below it for birds to stand. These openings all lead to a single, interior chamber, covered by a pitched roof to shield birds from the elements. The stylized American flag on the roof captures attention, and a red star around each perch enhances the effect. A distressed white finish on the rest of the unit keeps the wood grain visible and lends a rustic hint to your yard. Ventilation gaps beneath the roof overhang help keep the interior cool for nestlings, and holes on the base allow any water to drain. One side panel swings upward for nest checks, and the flat base is simple to place on a level surface. Add a mounting bracket (not included) to the back or base of this item for more placement options. The familiar color scheme displays your love of the country to any garden visitors, and a top cupola adds striking height to the home. Showcase your pride in your landscaping using this Patriotic Wren House with Three Perches.

Openings: 1" dia. each
Dimensions: 10.125"L x 6"W x 11.25"H
Mounting: pole or post mount
Construction: wood
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs