Open Nest Box


Provide shelter to different bird species by placing this Coveside Open Nest Box in your yard. This platform style home encourages phoebes and robins to frequent your area, as these birds tend to nest in open areas rather than enclosed cavities. The 7" wide and 3.75" tall, front expanse allows these birds to enter the unit, and inward arches on both side panels offer extra visibility and design. A 2" tall, front lip creates perching spots, and the roof overhangs this section, keeping it dry. Its significant slope directs water away from the cavity, and drainage holes in the back allow any captured water to escape. Two predrilled holes on the wide, flat back make it easy to affix this nest to a wall, tree, or fence, and the all pine construction forms a hardy domicile. For a different display, place a mounting plate (not included) on the base to pole or post mount the item. Its unique design is great for easily monitoring nesting activities, and increases the variety of birds you may see in your garden. Add a songbird-specific roosting site to your yard with this Open Nest Box. Made in the USA.

Opening: 7"W x 3.75"H
Dimensions: 9"W x 8.75"D x 9.5"H
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: pine
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs