Nature House Purple Martin House Winch Conversion Kit

Nature House

Change the rope and lanyard system on your existing Nature House purple martin house to a winch system using the Nature House Purple Martin House Winch Conversion Kit. This package provides all the hardware you need to convert your lanyard rope system to a winch system, for safely and conveniently raising or lowering your martin house. The unit is specifically designed to work with your existing Nature House Martin Safety System with Pole or Nature House Mini-Castle Safety System with Pole, and offers detailed instructions for mounting the winch. The cable makes raising and lowering the houses simple, and the nuts and bolts keep the assembly secure. The included safety handle ensures the home does not lower too rapidly, and protects you from injury. Alter the way you check your existing martin house with this Winch Conversion Kit. Made in the USA. 

Kit Contents: 1 winch, 1 safety handle, 1 cable, 2 plates, 1 padlock, 1 keychain, hardware
Mounting: connect to existing Nature House Pole with rope and lanyard system (not included)
Construction: metal 
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs