Nature House Owl Guard for Mini-Castle Purple Martin House

Nature House

Prevent owls and hawks from preying on your martins with this Nature House Owl Guard for Nature House Mini-Castle Martin House. This durable, galvanized steel guard surrounds your existing Nature House Mini-Castle Safety System house (not included), and its unique, grid design stops flying predators from reaching the martin nests. The openings, aligned with the nest entries, are slightly enlarged to 2.25" in diameter, and allow martins a safe and easy passage, while the vinyl coating on the wire mesh reduces feather wear. Stainless steel spring clips allow the three panels to install on the home easily, as well as remove for thorough nest checks. Help the martins in your existing Mini-Castle Safety System house remain safe from predators with this Owl Guard. Some assembly required. Made in the USA.

Package Contents: 3 panels, hardware
Dimensions: 25"W x 12"H each assembled panel
Mounting: attach to Mini-Castle Safety System house (not included)
Construction: metal
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs