Manor Bird House with Cobalt Blue Roof

A Wing and A Prayer

Embellish your bird sanctuary with a substantial and distinctive shelter by adding this Wing and A Prayer Manor House with Cobalt Blue Roof to it. This tall, square nest box offers shelter to several bird families at once, while fortifying the style in your yard. A deep blue, gleaming paint on the PVC roof and around each entry brings dazzling color to the area, while routed, vertical lines throughout the body offer texture. The sixteen, 1.5" diameter entry holes lead to eight separate, triangular compartments, providing roomy nesting sites to a few bird families. Horizontal trim on the body of the home both visually divides it and offers perching and landing spots for small birds, and the white color inside and out keeps nestlings cool during the summer months. The tall roof also helps direct heat upward, and its bold blue finish evokes the sky beautifully. Metal tines adorn the corners of the PVC roof, bringing extra length and a finished look to it, while a hefty wooden, pineapple shaped finial tops the abode. The white color of the top plate and finial mesh with the home, and the shelter's PVC lumber construction will remain bright without rotting, yellowing, or delaminating. A preinstalled mounting collar at the base of the item slides onto a true, 4" x 4" square post, assisting you in placing the home at a fantastic height for your feathered friends. Unscrew and remove the roof for thorough seasonal cleaning, and add a decorative post below the piece for extra style and garden design. Accentuate height and your love of birds by showcasing this Manor House with Cobalt Blue Roof in your yard. Made in the USA.

Openings: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 15.125"L x 15.125"W x 31.5"H
Mounting: mount onto 4" x 4" post
Construction: PVC, metal, wooden finial
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs