Mallard Nesting Box

Heath Mfg

Offer mallards a safe and comfortable roost using the Heath Mallard Nesting Box. Adding a duck box to your yard offers housing to these birds, which cannot excavate a cavity on their own. Mallards nest on the ground, on piles of decaying vegetation, or sometimes in trees. Placing this nest box on a pole above your water or on the ground near a water source encourages the ducks to roost in your area. The hexagonal shape of the home creates plenty of space for the birds, with additional room for you to add any nesting material (not included). A 4.625" diameter entrance hole and matching exit hole offer passage on both sides of the house, as well as keep the unit ventilated. The top of the home is removable for annual cleaning, and the wide base keeps the item stable. The home can be mounted on a pole (not included) with the included mounting plate, or placed on the ground if predators are not a problem. An included predator guard is designed for use with a 1.25" outer diameter pole, for additional protection for the birds. The wooden construction keeps the interior of the home insulated, and will last for several seasons. Create a cozy home for mallards using this Mallard Nesting Box. Some assembly required. 

Opening: 4.625" dia.
Dimensions: 19.875"L x 14.625"W x 12.625"H
Mounting: pole mount or place on ground
Construction: wood 
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs