Heritage Farms Replacement Wood Perch, Absolutes

Heritage Farms

Keep your Heritage Farms Absolute Bird Feeders functional with the Heritage Farms Replacement Wood Perch. This dowel attaches with ease to your existing older model Heritage Farms Absolute style bird feeder, and the wooden construction offers sturdiness. A dark stain on the wood adds color and meshes with your existing feeder. Each end of the perch has a slightly extended tab, which inserts directly into the recess on your feeder. Maintain your Heritage Farms Absolute Bird Feeders with this Replacement Wood Perch.

Note: Newer model Heritage Farms Absolute Bird Feeders have perches that cannot be removed or replaced.

Dimensions: 0.375" dia. x 11.875"L
Mounting: connect to existing Absolute Bird Feeder
Construction: wood
Shipping Weight: 0.7 lbs