Father Time Cast Iron Sundial, Verdigris, 11.125" dia.

Rome Industries

Add a bold timepiece to your garden with the Rome Father Time Cast Iron Sundial. This beautiful dial features a raised Father Time figure at the base, surrounded by the phrase "Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be." Roman numerals encircle the dial, and a gnomon with eagle detailing finishes the piece. The four o'clock hour is noted as "IIII," rather than "IV," for visual symmetry and historical accuracy on the dial. Ensure that the gnomon points celestial north in order for it to cast an accurate shadow, indicating the time. Mount this dial on a Rome pedestal with the included hardware. The cast iron construction will withstand the elements, and the painted green finish will blend with your foliage. As each finish is hand applied, individual items may vary. Watch time pass in your garden with the Cast Iron Father Time Sundial.

Dimensions: 11.125" dia. x 4.75"H
Mounting: attach to pedestal
Construction: cast iron
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs