Copper Songbird Deluxe Bird House, Verdigris Roof


Offer bluebirds a palatial home with the Heartwood Copper Songbird Deluxe Bird House, Verdigris Roof. This charming, cellular PVC house has a sparkling white tone, creating a striking contrast with the distressed verdigris roof. A delicate braid adorns the bottom edge of the roof, adding beautiful detail to this domicile. A decorative 2" copper perch rests under the 1.5" diameter entrance hole, inviting bluebirds to rest and reside. A notch at the back of the home offers ventilation, and the cellular PVC construction lends durability to the piece. Connect the octagonal base of the home to a post and place it in your yard to invite in avian tenants. Add style to your bluebird trail with this Copper Songbird Deluxe Bird House. Made in the USA.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 10" dia. x 16.25"H
Mounting: pole or post mount
Construction: cellular PVC and copper
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs