Barn Owl House, Unassembled


Undertake a project that will expand your birding knowledge while providing a safe dwelling for local owls with this Coveside Barn Owl House, Unassembled. Barn owls are one of the few owl species that take to bird houses readily, and you can give them an ideal habitat by constructing this handy home for them. These panels assemble to make a massive dwelling, constructed of authentic and sustainably sourced, eastern pine, rough hewn so that owlets have a foothold when they are ready to vacate the nest. Over time, the gorgeous pine will weather to a natural gray and blend in beautifully with its outdoor settings. The walls are 0.75" thick for insulation from heat and cold, while ventilation holes at the tops of the side panels allow for air circulation and optimal temperature regulation. Drainage gaps on the base and an overhanging roof help keep the interior dry and protected from outdoor elements, providing a healthy environment for barn owls. To clean out old nests, flip the bottom half of one side panel upward and remove any debris. The 6" diameter entry hole allows these owls passage, and included hardware makes it easy to assemble the separate panels, forming a durable and reliable habitat for these feathered friends that you can set up quickly. Install this residence in your yard and enjoy the heart-shaped faces of the barn owls that come to populate the home. Place the house 10 to 20 feet high on a barn or shed, or on a tree in open farmland or at the edge of a forest for best results. It is recommended to mount this house on a shelf, for extra support, before screwing into a wall or tree. Increase your knowledge of the birding hobby and provide a dutiful home for amazing owls with this Unassembled Barn Owl House. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Contents: 7 pre-cut pine panels, hardware
Opening: 6" dia.
Dimensions: 26"L x 18"W x 17"H
Mounting: mount to a tree or building with a support
Construction: pine
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs