Audubon Woodpecker House


Provide woodpeckers a safe roost in your yard using the Audubon Woodpecker House. This all wood home mimics cavities found in nature, for a familiar shelter for woodpeckers. A significant bag of wood shavings is included, allowing the birds to excavate the area as they would in a real tree. The 2.25" diameter entrance hole is perfect for woodpeckers, and two ventilation holes at the top of the unit help regulate the internal temperature. The sloping roof directs water away from the home, and small gaps in each corner of the base help the interior stay dry. The front panel lifts for checking and maintaining the item, and a metal latch keeps it closed for avian safety. The cedar construction creates a lasting shelter, resistant to rot and moisture, and the flat back is simple to mount on a post, wall, or tree. Offer woodpeckers a manmade roost with this Woodpecker House. Made in the USA. 

Note: The brand on the item may appear either as Woodlink or Audubon. 

Opening: 2.25" dia.
Dimensions: 9"L x 7"W x 15.25"H
Mounting: post or wall mount
Construction: cedar 
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs