Marshall Kinetic Sphere Wind Spinner, Blue, 81.5"H

Marshall Home & Garden

$112.32 $169.99

Place mesmerizing, moving sculpture in your yard with this Marshall Blue Kinetic Sphere Wind Spinner. Adorning your landscaping with a wind sculpture makes a dynamic focal point, and the robust materials are wonderfully designed for outdoor use. Dual, half circular levels rest horizontally on a vertical shaft, the blades creating a striking, open sphere. Two hubs on the center post hold these unique toppers in place, and sealed ball bearings within them provide smooth and bold movement in the wind. The slightly curved and cupped shape of each blade aids in capturing wind, and the alternating orientation of the upper and lower levels offers fantastic contrast. A speckled blue finish on each arm evokes water or the sky, bringing the globe motif into striking focus. The three section, tubular steel pole offers plenty of height, and its pointed base inserts into soil. Triple, 11" long, step-in feet on this shaft ensure the unit remains stable and secure, and a powder coated finish on this section protects it from the elements. This meshes wonderfully with the mottled blue and black of the topper assemblies, and the steel and wrought iron construction adds longevity. Bring worldly style to your landscaping using this Blue Kinetic Sphere Wind Spinner. Assembly required.

Note: Due to the reflective coating on the blades, their hue and tint may vary based on light exposure.

Dimensions: 20" dia. toppers x 81.5"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel, wrought iron
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs