Schwegler 1 1/2" Tree Trunk Birdhouse



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For more than 70 years, SCHWEGLER has been one of the most trusted brands in Europe for bird conservation equipment and nature conservation products.

These birdhouses are made from a unique blend of 75% pine sawdust, burnt clay and other natural materials, formed and baked to provide a nesting home for birds that is healthy for them and which will last for 20 years or more in your garden. This remarkable material actually "breathes" like wood. Yet it is completely rotproof and the non-toxic brown paint on the roof and sides sheds water like a duck's back. Resistant to damage by squirrels and raccoons. Seven models, with entry holes specially sized for American birds.

10" high x 6" diameter, 15" overall inc. hanger, 8 lbs

1-1/2" hole for Eastern Bluebirds, tree swallows.

Please note that current faceplate is a reddish color.