Purple Martin Predator Guard for Tri Tel Pole

S&K Mfg


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Keep predators away from your martin homes with help from the S&K Predator Guard. This stovepipe-style baffle keeps squirrels, raccoons, and some snakes from climbing your pole and entering your martin house. A triangular hole at the top of the baffle is designed to fit over the top section of your existing S&K Telescoping Aluminum Pole and Ground Socket, 15' (not included), and slide down the pole until it becomes tight. This opening also accommodates poles with a 1.25" outer diameter, and can be secured in place with a screw placed on the pole at the appropriate height. For added versatility, place the S&K Feeder Tray for 1.25" Pole or Tri Tel Pole (not included) on top of the baffle for a convenient feeding station. The black color offers an inconspicuous item, while the plastic construction withstands the warm months. Help your martin colony thrive by protecting it with this Predator Guard. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 10.75" dia. top, 11.5" dia. base x 14"H
Mounting: place on pole
Construction: plastic
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs