Purple Martin Predator Guard for Round Pole

S&K Mfg

Stop predators from reaching your purple martin house with this S&K Predator Guard. This generous, stovepipe style baffle handily stops squirrels, raccoons, and snakes from climbing your pole, keeping your martins safe. The piece is designed specifically for use with the S&K Galvanized Steel Easy Pulley System Martin House Pole (not included), thanks to its predrilled hole pattern and included rope. The pole slides thorough the center hole in this baffle, and the smaller openings around it handily accommodate the pulley system. For even more versatility, place an S&K Feeder Tray (not included) atop this baffle. This tray not only acts as a further deterrent; it can also hold food or other treats for martins. The plastic construction and black color of this guard withstand use for several seasons, remaining hardy even after exposure to sunlight. Keep your purple martin colony protected from ground predators with this Predator Guard. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 10.75" top dia., 11.375" base dia. x 14"H
Mounting: place on pole (not included)
Construction: plastic
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs