Polywood Recycled Plastic Single Chamber Bat House, 20 bats

Green Meadow Houses & Feeders

Transform your yard or garden into a bat haven with this Brown and Gray Polywood Recycled Plastic Single Chamber Bat House. Adding a bat shelter to your lawn or home not only provides suitable housing to these pollinators; it can also decrease flying insect pests and help your garden thrive. The 0.875" deep, single chamber of this unit holds up to 20 bats, and its interior netting provides them plenty of gripping spots. Horizontal grooves along the extended landing pad encourage bats to enter the piece, and a 0.5" wide, front ventilation gap aids in regulating the temperature. A bat silhouette on the front adds a classic hint, furthered by the brown and gray color scheme. Made from durable, recycled plastic lumber, this roost will remain hardy for many seasons, while adding an environmentally friendly hint to your setting. Place the flat back of this home against a wall, tree, or post using the predrilled holes on the top and base, or add a mounting bracket (not included) to pole mount the unit. The soft gray hue of the front and back, along with the 0.5" thick, recycled plastic body, helps the shelter remain warm for bats, and the deep brown color on the narrow sides and roof complete the look. Welcome bats into your yard by adding this Brown and Gray Polywood Recycled Plastic Single Chamber Bat House to it. Made in the USA.

Bats that use this house:
  • big brown, cave, eastern pipistrelle, evening, little brown, Mexican free-tailed, northern long-eared, pallid, Pallas' mastiff, Rafinesque's big-eared, southeastern, and Yuma bat
Capacity: 20 bats
Dimensions: 16"W x 2.5"D x 17.75"H
Mounting: tree, building, or pole mount
Construction: recycled plastic lumber
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs