Parasol Products Hummingbird Feeder Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tube


Maintain your existing Parasol hummingbird feeder easily with this Parasol Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tube. This robust, shatterproof plastic accent is specifically made for use with select Parasol hummingbird feeders, ensuring yours remains usable season after season. The stem of the flower inserts into one of the ports on your existing Parasol Mini-Blossom, Bouquet, Bloom, or other feeder, while its textured petals add a familiar hint. The narrow shaft enables hummingbirds to reach nectar, but is too small for bees and other flying insects to pass through, creating a pest-resistant accent. Its bright red color handily attracts these birds, and the plastic construction cleans easily while remaining durable and beautiful. Keep your Parasol hummingbird feeder in good working order with this Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tube.

Dimensions: ~1.75" dia. x ~2.25"H
Mounting: place in existing Parasol feeder
Construction: plastic
Shipping Weight: 0.4 lbs