Oval Copper Plated, Hammered Finish Tub, 30.75"L


Update your garden décor with a country chic using this Achla Oval Copper Plated Tub with Hammered Finish. This significant unit brings rustic charm and timeless color to your setting in moments, while providing a bevy of uses. The tub handily rests on a level surface in your home or garden, and is perfect for holding firewood, umbrellas, or garden tools. For more versatility, fill the item with ice and use it as a beverage holder during parties, or drill holes in the base to plant directly in it. Two horizontal, raised lines on the body of the tub enhance the rustic look, while a hammered finish adds texture and style. Copper plating over the steel body captures attention, and two handles make it easy to move the piece. Add updated style to your home or landscaping with this Oval Copper Plated Tub with Hammered Finish.

Dimensions: 30.75"L x 15.5"W x 11"H including handles
Mounting: rest on level surface
Construction: steel
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs