Nature House Single Story Addition for MSS-12 Martin House

Nature House

Offer your martin colony a place to expand by adding this Nature House Single Story Addition to your existing Nature House Martin Safety System. These wonderful birds are entirely dependent upon manmade housing, and return year after year to the same roosting spot. This fantastic item adds six more rooms to your existing Nature House Martin Safety System (not included), ensuring your martins will continue to colonize in your yard. The aluminum construction forms a durable shelter, and an open sleeve through the center of this addition accommodates your existing martin pole and lanyard system. Each apartment measures 6" deep and 6" wide, and sports a 2.125" diameter entry, perfect for martins. The white exterior of the walls keeps the home cool in the summer, and subfloors on each compartment elevate the nest, protecting it from insect pests and moisture. The pieces assemble easily with the included hardware, and the aluminum construction offers strength. Invite more purple martins to colonize in your backyard with this Single Story Addition for the MSS-12 Martin House. Assembly required. Made in the USA. 

Openings: 2.125" dia.
Apartment Size: 6"L x 6"W x 6"H
Dimensions: 19"L x 20"W x 7"H
Mounting: attach to existing Nature House Martin Safety System (not included)
Construction: aluminum 
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs