Mini-Blossom Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder, Green



Bring a lush look to your bird garden with the Parasol Green Mini-Blossom Chandelier. The striking curves, lasting materials, and green tone add a charming look to your yard with ease. Three curved arms form this dramatic frame, each culminating with a bold spiral that holds a green, blown glass vessel. Each of these reservoirs holds 4 ounces of nectar, and a red glass feeding flower rests in the top of each, offering hummingbirds a natural dining position. The red hue of each flower enhances the wealth of glass teardrop ornaments hanging from the metal frame, lending a whimsical hint to your backyard. Each vessel may be removed from its spiral holder for thorough cleaning and refilling, and their transparent design keeps nectar levels easily visible. A metal loop at the top and included 2.25" long "S" hook allow the feeder to hang from a bracket easily, and the recycled glass of the reservoirs and adornments creates an environmentally friendly theme. Add remarkable style to your backyard using this Green Mini-Blossom Chandelier.

Seed or Feed Options: nectar
Capacity: 12 oz.; 3 ports
Dimensions: 15.5" dia. x 13.25"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: metal, recycled glass
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs