Kinetic Dual Feather Copper Colored 74" Spinner

Ancient Graffiti

Create an avian theme in your landscaping using the Ancient Graffiti Kinetic Dual Feather Spinner. This dramatic piece accents your garden in a fun new way, with its moving design and natural motif. Two generous, 18.5" diameter toppers bring attention to this sculpture, each with six curved arms culminating in a cupped feather shape. The slight curve of the feathers, along with bearings in the center hubs, allow the toppers to spin in a breeze for bold style. Their copper colored finish enhances the natural theme, while its slight iridescence reflects bits of sunlight. A twisted, 65" tall, iron rod supports these toppers, and its 15" wide, trident base keeps the piece stable in your garden. This base, combined with the pointed ends of each leg, make installation simple, and the all-iron body lasts outdoors for many seasons. Blend birding and artwork in your backyard with this Kinetic Dual Feather Spinner. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 18.5" dia. toppers, 9.5"D x 74"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: iron
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs