Kestrel and Screech Owl House


Entice kestrels or small owls to nest in the shelter of the Coveside Kestrel/Screech Owl House. The sloping roof of the house sheds water and overhangs the house's entrance, protecting the birds from the elements. A ventilation slot above the door provides temperature regulation for added comfort and safety. Drainage holes in the bottom corners of the house keep the nest clean and dry, and the 3" diameter hole is perfect for kestrels. A bag of included wood shavings lets you provide your birds with nesting material, further attracting them to this nesting cavity. A perch on the inside of the front panel allows the mother kestrel to sit and wait for the next meal to fly by. A rough interior makes it easy for fledglings to climb out when it's time to leave the nest. The side panel swings up for convenient cleaning and observation and fastens closed with an easy to use latch. To attract bird tenants, mount the house near open woods or on the edge of wooded lots, ten to thirty feet high in a tree or on a wall. Give pest-controlling birds of prey a nesting option by installing the Kestrel/Screech Owl House. Handcrafted in the USA. 

Opening: 3" dia.
Dimensions: 11"L x 9"W x 17.75"H
Mounting: wall or post mount
Construction: white pine 
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs