Heart and Bell Rain Chain, Flamed Copper

Ancient Graffiti

Show your love of precipitation by adding this Ancient Graffiti Heart and Bell Rain Chain to your home. Rain chains handily replace a downspout on your home, bringing a bit of charm and unique style to it, and the adorable shape of this unit is sure to capture attention. A generous line of 4.5" long and 4" wide, steel heart shapes creates the body of this chain, and a small bell hangs inside each. As wind or water moves the bells, they chime gently for a soothing and beautiful garden addition. The included gutter clip makes installing this item simple, and the heart figures are removable to perfectly fit on the corner of your home. A flamed copper colored finish throughout the piece offers an antique feel, while the steel construction will withstand use for many seasons. Bring a charming look to the edge of your home with this Heart and Bell Rain Chain.

Dimensions: 4"W x 0.5"D x 96"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: steel
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs