Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Poles

Erva Tool & Die

Support your existing, metal tubular pole using this Erva Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Poles. Using this hardy, steel socket along with your existing pole provides plenty of stability, as well as offers versatility. Its flat, 1.75" wide, closed base inserts into your garden soil, anchoring the unit easily. Slide your existing, 1" outer diameter pole (not included) into the hollow body of the socket, so it remains sturdy while holding a bird house or feeder. The black, powder coated finish on this anchor deters rust, and its steel construction lasts for many seasons. Ensure your existing birding pole remains stable in your garden with help from this Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Poles. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 1.75"W x 1.25"D x 15"H
Mounting: insert into soil
Construction: steel
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs