Gardman Small Fruit Cages, Black, 47"H, Pack of 2


$85.54 $119.99

Protect your tomato and blueberry plants from birds with the Gardman Small Fruit Cage. Surrounding your plant with a cage keeps birds, rabbits, and other animals at bay, for a thriving flower or vegetable garden. Durable steel rods form the frame, and their push fit joints and plastic connectors keep the unit stable. Stretch the included mesh net over the frame, and secure it with the included zip ties to allow air, water, and light to reach the foliage. The 1" by 1.5" openings throughout the mesh keep birds and other animals away from your fruit, and the included ground pegs keep the cage in place all season. Disassemble the unit at the end of the growing season for tidy storage. The powder coated, steel frame is perfect for use in a bevy of climates, and its 47" height easily accommodates bushes or short plants. Enjoy the fruits and vegetables you have grown before the birds eat them with this Small Fruit Cage. Assembly required.

Note: This case pack includes 2 of the Gardman Small Fruit Cages, Black, 47"H.

Dimensions: 47"L x 39"W x 47"H
Mounting: place on ground
Construction: steel, fabric
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs