Esschert Design Hawk Kite w/ Pole and Line, 56" Wingspan

Esschert Design

Discourage unwanted birds from roosting or visiting your dock or yard with this Esschert Design Hawk Kite with Pole and Line. This robust kite and pole bundle brings a realistic bird of prey into your yard, easily and naturally repelling other birds from the area. Outstretched wings and a wide tail create a familiar, hawk silhouette, enhanced by feather shaped details within this nylon kite. Neon green streamers and reflective fabric on the edges of the bird lend even more dimension to the unit, and further deter small birds from frequenting an area. Fiberglass rods insert into the hawk, offering strength and retaining its form, and the included line makes it simple to connect to its telescoping pole. A ground post aids in securing this pole into soil, allowing you to display the bird at a wonderful height, ensuring it moves in the wind for dimension and realism. Enhance your yard and keep specific birds out of it with this Hawk Kite with Pole and Line. Assembly required.

Kit Contents: 1 kite, 1 fiberglass telescoping pole, 1 ground post, 1 ground disc, nylon line
Kite Dimensions: 58"L including streamers x 56"W x 5.5"H
Pole Dimensions: 1" base dia. x 12' 7"H
Kite Mounting: attach to pole using included line
Pole Mounting: place in soil
Kite Construction: nylon
Pole Construction: fiberglass
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs