Esschert Design Cast Iron "NO!" Pooping Yard Sign, White

Esschert Design

$12.00 $12.99

Clearly request dog owners avoid your lawn by placing this Esschert Design White Cast Iron "NO!" Pooping Yard Sign in it. A dog figure in a recognizable position is sure to capture attention, while the word "NO!" makes your meaning clear immediately. The cast iron construction of this stake ensures both strength and durability, and the aged white color of the unit contrasts your grass. The pointed, 6" long stake inserts into your soil easily, and distressed edges on the dog add dimension to the piece. The black color of the statement also keeps it visible from a distance. Prevent dog owners from allowing their pets to eliminate in your lawn by placing this White Cast Iron "NO!" Pooping Yard Sign in it.

Dimensions: 9"W x 0.25"D x 12.25"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: cast iron
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs