Bat House, Single Chamber, 20 bats

Heath Mfg

Offer bats a haven in your yard with the Heath Deluxe Cedar Bat House, Single Chamber, 20 bats. Housing bats brings natural pest control to your area, as they feed on mosquitoes and other night flying insects. This shelter offers a wealth of features for bats, while lending a touch of design to your home. The single chamber holds up to 20 bats, for a beginning colony or bachelor house, and its tall design helps the interior stay warm. The pitched roof adds an architectural hint, and a 0.75" wide ventilation gap near the base aids in temperature regulation. The 1.75" long landing platform has horizontal lines throughout it, offering bats a secure grip, and these lines extend into the home for them to easily cling there during the day. Crafted from aromatic cedar, the abode repels insects, and its natural colors create a lovely and lasting finish. Mount this house on a pole or wall approximately 15 feet above ground, ensuring it gets plenty of sunlight during the day. Help bats thrive in your area with this Deluxe Cedar Bat House.

Bats that use this house:
  • big brown, cave, eastern pipistrelle, evening, little brown, Mexican free-tailed, northern long-eared, pallid, Pallas' mastiff, Rafinesque's big-eared, southeastern, and Yuma bat
Capacity: 20 bats
Dimensions: 13.875"W x 2.25"D x 21"H
Mounting: may be tree, building, or pole mounted
Construction: cedar
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs