Thoreau Brass Sundial, Aged Patina, 8.625" dia.

Rome Industries

Add some of the tranquility and beauty of Walden Pond to your garden with this Rome Brass Thoreau Sundial. This sturdy, solid brass disc forms a traditional timepiece, while its wealth of raised details celebrates the natural world. A stylized owl figure, surrounded by pinecone shapes, rests near the top of this dial. Thoreau's quotation "Heaven Is Under Our Feet/As Well as Over Our Heads" sits beneath the owl, and the sleek gnomon attaches below this for a classic dial. Additional pinecone shapes complete the accent, and Roman numerals rest around the outside of this detail, creating a clock face. When oriented celestial north, the shadow cast by the gnomon falls over the hour demarcations, indicating the sun time for a fun effect. The verdigris accents beneath the dark finish offer an aged look to the piece, contrasting the brass tones of the raised sections. Rest the level base of this item in your landscaping, or attach it to an existing Rome sundial pedestal (not included) with the included hardware. The solid brass construction remains lovely and durable for many seasons, celebrating timeless style. Transcend traditional elements and highlight your love of nature by adding this Brass Thoreau Sundial to your yard.

Dimensions: 8.625" dia. x 5"H
Mounting: attach to pedestal or place on ground
Construction: solid brass
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs