Zodiac Aged Brass Sundial, 13.25" dia.

Rome Industries

Make a classic timepiece the star of your landscaping with this Rome Brass Zodiac Sundial. This intricate, brass dial showcases all the astrological signs, and its generous, 13.25" diameter captures the eye. A 7.25" diameter, raised center section sports Roman numerals and holds a gnomon, creating the traditional sundial. Raised representations of all the zodiac symbols form the exterior band, with their name impressed above each for contrast. The months of the year rest in the spans beneath these figures, corresponding to the dates of each sign, and a crescent moon shape on the gnomon completes the piece. The verdigris hints below the brown and brass tones mesh with your landscaping, while the solid brass construction forms a robust accent. Rest this dial on a level surface within your flowers, or attach it to an existing Rome sundial pedestal (not included) for height and visual impact. Create a heavenly adornment in your garden using this Brass Zodiac Sundial.

Dimensions: 13.25" dia. x 3.625"H
Mounting: place on pedestal or ground
Construction: solid brass
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs