Coastal Style Birdhouse Stake, ANGEL FISH - 86.75" Tall



The ZAER Ltd Coastal Style Birdhouse Stake Collection features 100% powder coated iron birdhouses expertly crafted to resemble oceanic creatures and shapes. Each sturdy iron stake holds three birdhouses surrounded by matching decorative adornments. The Angel Fish style consists of three angel fish shaped birdhouses (each with their own entrance), surrounded by smaller fish and seahorses.

- Weather & rust resistant
- 100% galvanized iron
- Powder coated
- Hand painted distress greenish/galvanized
- Sturdy and durable
- Dimple-like textured metal
- Includes ventilation/drainage holes

Birdhouse Specifications
Height of Birdhouse ONLY (no stake): 36.75"
Height of Individual Fish Birdhouse: 11"
Length of Individual Fish Birdhouse: 9"
Diameter of Entry Hole: 1.5"
Number of Entry Holes: 3
Number of Perches: 3
Height of Stake ONLY (no birdhouse): 50"
Number of Prongs: 4

Dimensions: 26" L x 9" W x 86.75" H                                                                           Weight: 9 lbs                                                                                                                  FREE Shipping