Calla Lilies and Bells Rain Chain

Ancient Graffiti

Enjoy the beauty of lilies throughout the year by adding this Ancient Graffiti Calla Lilies and Bells Rain Chain to your home. Replacing a traditional downspout with a rain chain brings personalized style to your setting, and this unit adds a floral hint to the area in moments. A line of generous, calla lily shapes captures attention, while a small bell between each flower enhances the area with gentle sound. Chain links connect each piece together, and the brown tones blend with the garden easily. An included, metal clip installs readily into your gutter, and the top hook of the chain attaches here for quick display. The recognizable lily cups each sport two extended rods on them for added realism, and their wide tops and tapered bases are great for directing rainwater. The 98" reach is perfect for use on one or two story homes, and chain links may also be removed for truly custom sizing. The steel flowers and metal chain remain durable for many seasons, easily withstanding exposure to the elements. Bring a floral look to your downspout using this Calla Lilies and Bells Rain Chain.

Dimensions: 7"L x 4.25"W x 98"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: steel, metal
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs