Flowers Brass Sundial, Verdigris, 10" dia.

Rome Industries

Keep the image of vibrant blooms in your backyard garden year round with this charming Rome Flowers Brass Sundial. Bold, gently raised sunflowers occupy the center of this dial, surrounded by Roman numerals to help easily demarcate the passage of time in your outdoor space. The phrase "Flowers are lovely, love is flowerlike" adorns the bottom of the hardy dial's perimeter, and a polished brass border rounds out the beautiful, contrasting color. The raised flowers, numerals, and loving phrase all sport a polished brass finish to accentuate them against the verdigris background. Simply connect the polished brass gnomon to the unit and orient it toward celestial north; the shadow cast by the gnomon will fall on or between the Roman numerals to note the sun time. For a simple and elevated showcase, mount this dial on a Rome pedestal (not included) using the included hardware. The solid brass construction ensures the hardy item will withstand exposure to the elements, while the polished brass and verdigris hues will prove timeless and vibrant in your chosen outdoor space. Embellish your garden with graceful color and a loving message at all times using this Brass Flowers Sundial.

Dimensions: 10" dia. x 6.75"H
Mounting: place on level surface or pedestal
Construction: brass
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs