Bark Clad Wren House

Uncle Dunkel

Combine natural elements with a man made shelter in your bird garden with this Uncle Dunkel's Bark Clad Wren House. The unique front panel on this traditional, wooden shelter easily captures attention, and brings a rustic hint to any setting. A rectangular, wooden frame and pitched roof form a classic bird house, with a 1.125" diameter entry hole resting on this section. A piece of poplar bark fully covers the front panel, naturally helping attract cavity nesting birds to the shelter. The grooves and texture here also offer birds gripping spots, and the bark meshes with the trees in your area. Hardy screws keep this panel securely attached to the home, and a pitched roof with an overhang protects the nest from rain. Gaps on the corners of the base provide drainage, for a dry nest, while additional openings beneath the roof keep the unit ventilated. One side panel lifts for nest checks and cleaning, and the rough hewn interior helps nestlings climb upward and reach the entry hole when ready. Use a screw to affix the extended back panel to a tree, wall, or post in moments. The 0.5" thick, all wood construction offers seasons of service, and will naturally age for a fantastic garden addition. Bring a nature-inspired shelter to your bird garden with this Bark Clad Wren House. Made in the USA. 

Opening: 1.125" dia.
Dimensions: 10"L x 7"W x 6"D
Mounting: tree, post, or wall mount
Construction: wood 
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs