Audubon Mixed Treat Window Feeder


Invite a wide variety of birds to dine near you with the Audubon Mixed Treat Window Feeder. Placing a bird feeder on your window helps attract birds to the area, while allowing you to watch them from the comfort of your home. This truly versatile unit can accommodate seed, suet, mealworms, fruit, or jelly for a wealth of feeding options for the birds. The main tray can hold 0.3 quarts of mixed or other seed, as well as dried mealworms or small pieces of suet. An arched front on the tray brings design to the piece, while a lip here allows birds to sit and dine. Attach the 1.5" by 2" rectangular dish to one side of the feeder tray and fill it with jelly or nectar to attract orioles to the area. A green plastic disc with a mesh platform may be placed on the other edge of the feeder if desired, and its three vertical supports easily cradle a section of orange or apple for fruit-loving birds. The platform offers unbeatable access to this fruit. When these types of birds have migrated out of your area, remove the jelly cup and fruit tray, and use the feeder to offer just seed or suet. The three included suction cups mount this item to your window in moments, and a significant arched roof protects feed from the elements. The clear plastic body and opening on the center back of the unit keeps your view of the birds unobstructed. Offer birds a variety of feed on your window with this Mixed Treat Window Feeder.

Birds that use this feeder:
  • bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, juncos, kinglets, mockingbirds, nuthatches, orioles, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, towhees, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers, and wrens
Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, fruit, jelly, mealworms, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, suet, sunflower kernels, sunflower seed, and thistle seed
Capacity: 0.3 qts. seed, 0.15 cups jelly, 1 piece fruit
Dimensions: 9.75"W (with extra trays) x 4.25"D x 5.5"H
Mounting: attach to window with suction cups
Construction: plastic
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs