Resin Bear Birdbath


This backyard bear won't scare you or the local wildlife. In fact, our Resin Bear Birdbath invites your birds to perch while drinking or bathing.

From his round belly to the beehive bowl he balances on his head, this Bear Birdbath has lots of great details you're going to love. There are even two honeybee accents to complete the sweet look.

At nearly 2' tall, you can place this sturdy statue anywhere in your yard as a no-maintenance, bird-friendly accent or make him a feature piece in your garden. You can even try this bear as indoor decor - the possibilities are endless!

  • Made of all-weather resin
  • Looks like carved wood
  • Bear shaped birdbath
  • Beehive shaped bowl with honeybees
  • Rustic design is fun-loving
  • No-maintenance, long-lasting
  • Makes a great gift!

 11½" dia. x 23"H